2020 Course Schedule

NAMI Basics (for Parents) -

Free, 6-week class for parents and family caregivers of children and teens who are experiencing symptoms of a mental illness or whom have already been diagnosed, taught by a NAMI-trained team with lived experience.


Winter 2020:  02/06/20 - 03/12/20                       Spring 2020:  4/02/20 - 5/7/20

Fall 2020:  10/8/20 - 11/12/20                               (An online Basics course will be available in 2020)



NAMI Peer-to-Peer -

Free, 8-week class for adults living with mental illness who are looking to better understand their condition and journey toward recovery, taught by NAMI-trained peers.

Spring 2020: 3/21/20 - 5/9/20

NAMI Family-to-Family -

Free, 8-week class for family, significant others and friends of people living with mental illness, taught by NAMI-trained family members.


Winter 2020:   02/11/20  -   03/31/20                     Spring 2020:  04/21/20 - 06/09/20                       


Fall 2020:  09/22/20 - 11/10/20


NAMI Family Support Group - 2nd and 4th Monday Every Month

Free, support group for family members, caregivers and loved ones of individuals living with mental illness, led by NAMI-trained family member facilitators. The Second Monday Family Support Group is open to all family members. The Fourth Monday Family Support Group is also open to all family members and parents are encouraged to attend.

NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group - Every Wednesday

Free, peer-led support group for adults living with mental illness, led by NAMI-trained facilitators who've been there.

To register for a class please contact info@namigainesville.org

There is no need to register for support groups

Please see the Event Calendar for time and location for each program