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Administration Volunteer Coordinator:

NAMI Gainesville is in need of someone to reach organize volunteers who might be interested in  recruiting new members,  Helping to organize social events, walk committee, finding people interested in teaching Ending the Silence, etc  Outreach to find family and/or peer to attend mental health court and hand out packet to graduates.


Membership Coordinator

Attend education meetings and keep log of visitors and enter into our email system.  Reach out to visitors to ask about memberships. 


Administrative Assistant

Perform tasks for Board Members, Teachers, Support Group Facilitators and Education Program Teachers.  Assist with Facebook, Twitter, website.  Write the history of NAMI Gainesville with the help of members, past-members, Archives, Newsletters, Newspaper articles.  Scan document and with permission place our brochures at key locations in Gainesville.

Advocacy and Outreach:

There are many tabling opportunities at health fairs, races, runs, fall art fair, etc.  This not only informs people about the organization, but also raises awareness of mental illness.  We set up a table with brochures and answer questions that people might have.  This has also been where we have found new volunteers.    Any questions that can’t be answered are written and given to one of the officers to follow up on.  .


Want to try to increase funding for mental health?  Coalition 50: Fund Florida Mental Health.  We are planning to travel to Tallahassee on April 6 to visit legislators to request additional funding for mental health funding.

NAMI WALK -Group for family with annual fall walk.  This is our main fundraiser.  We need a committee to help plan and lead different sections, such as Fundraising, PR, T-Shirts, Food, Speakers, etc  We have set the date for October 14

Education Presentations

Ending the Silence (a 50 minute class taught to middle and high school students) made up of a family member and a young peer between 18 and 30.  The family member delivers a 25 minute power point/ video talk introducing the different mental illnesses, signs and symptoms.  The peer tells their story for about 10 minutes.   We find that for many youth, this is the only information that they get on mental illness and suicide prevention.  We plan to hold an upcoming class for interested trainers in the new few weeks.

In Our Own Voice is a presentation that would like to start.  We have one peer trained and need one more before we can do this.


We have the following courses for family members to attend or if they already successfully completed to train to be teachers. 

NAMI Gainesville pays for travel and registration for this training. 

 Family to Family, a 12-week course - educational program for families, significant others and friends of people living with mental illness taught by two trained family members. .

NAMI Basics – a 6-week course – educational program for parents of K-12 parents taught by two trained parents who have or had a child with a mental illness.  This is a new program that we would like to start offering.


We have the following courses for peers.

Peer to Peer

A 10-week course - educational program for peers who live with a mental illness taught by 2 trained mentors who are peers to attend or if already successfully completed the course, to become trained mentors.  NAMI Gainesville pays for travel, if necessary and registration for this training.


Support Group Leader

Support Group for family members who have a loved one with a mental illness.

NAMI Connection Peer Support Group